Building a new house?

Building a new home begins long before the foundation is poured. Listed below are the some steps you must take to avoid costly mistakes during the construction process.


Work out how much you can afford to spend, and add approximately 5-10% for cost over runs. By budgeting how much you can afford this will determine the design and materials you can build with. Superform has some cost comparison's you can use to get a basic calculation on different building materials.

Choose your section

Sounds easy doesn't it? Be aware that the type of section you choose will have a bearing on cost and design. By building with Superform there is flexibility no matter where you build, Superform Blocks can be stored flat and can save space on your section whether you are building on the flat or on the hills.

Gather your team

Have you got a favourite architect/designer? If not we can recommend a few in your area. Over the years Superform has built up a reliable rapport with most Architects/Builders and Engineers. As well as this we can offer advice at the design stage in terms of acoustics, structural strength, thermal savings. To the builder we can offer onsite assistance and technical backup.

Negotiate a price

So you have assembled your team and had a plan priced. Remember Superform can offer cost savings over and above the building of the house. With thermal insulation to be gained, there is the ability to make some real savings over the life of the house. As well as that Superform can offer you great cost savings when compared with other building materials.