Randolph Motel

"I cannot speak highly enough of the SuperForm product & team. The block is very easy to use, & have found the finished product to have superb insulation properties and fantastic noise control both of which are of the upmost importance in my line of business. The SuperForm team have also been there at all times with field support & I thank you all very much".

Gary LePine
Randolph Motel
79 Papanui Rd.

Arrow Motel

“The advice we received from our construction / project manager, Colin Reeves led to the use of a number of efficient construction systems. These have been the core elements for achieving our aim of operating an energy Efficient motel. The construction of the building included high mass concrete construction, SuperForm Polyblock, & concrete floors for thermal mass & Insulation. A report by Emsol Energy Management. It showed the 'Arrow Motel' uses 70% less energy compared to similar sized motels. Winning the Genesis Energy Commercial - Services Award, certainly hasn't made John & Sally complacent. In fact, if anything it's encouraged them to keep searching for even more efficient ways to run their business. The difference with the Gilbertsons is they turn knowledge into viable business solutions. Energy savings we have achieved could not be possible without the use of High Mass Concrete Construction techniques. SuperForm Polyblocks were a core element in the design & construction of our project”.

John & Sally Gilbertson
Arrow Motel
24 Golf Rd, Tahunanui

Millbrook Resort

“Over 10 years ago MillBrook Resort utilised the ICF construction system for the first Privately owned Villas at MillBrook, We selected the Polyblocks due to the insulation properties in both summer & winter, also the capability for all weather construction. Polyblocks were one of the best construction decisions we made”.

Rob House
General Manager
MillBrook Resort
New Zealan