What is Superform?

The Superform Building Systems represents an exciting engineering development in New Zealand. It has been designed to conform to and comply with NZ building codes, practices and offers excellent insulation properties for projects including housing, inground basements, retaining walls, swimming pools, multistory buildings, motel units, rest homes and hotels to name a few.

Superform Building Systems units are moulded of high insulation rated flame retardant expanded polystyrene. The expanded polystyrene forms are interlocking, self aligning, extremely light and simple to place.

The inherent ability to act as permanent formwork makes the Superform Building Systems is a cost effective, energy efficient and versatile building solution, providing scope for the designer to incorporate features such as curved profiles for walls, archways and circular window openings.

Superform Building Systems consist of NZ factory produced, expanded polystyrene (EPS) modules which snap together on site to form hollow interlocking blocks. Polypropylene spacer ties are inserted into each polystyrene unit and the interlocking blocks are stacked and filled with reinforced concrete to form a solid core, creating permanently insulated concrete walls, foundations or other structures.

Superform Building Systems have the following characteristics.

Why Choose Superform?

The non-modular and R2.7 insulation advantage of the Superform Building Systems also makes it the ideal building system for foundations, variable width (200, 250, 300), inground basements, retaining walls, swimming pools, multistorey dwellings, motel units and hotels.

The Building Advantages

Home Owners Advantages

High insulation values = energy efficient air-conditioning or heating.
R2.7 Rating.
55-62 STC Rating.
Long term strength and durability.
Solid concrete core.
Provides for quality exterior and interior finishing.
Mechanical fixing for interior and exterior cladding